The country of Frakkam was founded as a colony of Hockliss.

Frakkam is incredibly industrialized and advanced, although there is almost no concern for the environment. Therefore the entire island is covered in a dark fog, and some of the water is actually poison. Trees have almost been completely cleared from the island.

The island is most well known for their manufacturing of weapons and vehicles. There people are known for being very rude but also very intelligent.

Frakkan religion is polytheistic, derived from the gods of the indigenous peoples of the area. The Frakkan gods promote industry and violence. Preferably violent industry. Nitroglycerin flows through their veins. Marcus the Gunbringer, their god of ranged weapons and explosives, is the most popular deity. One weapon, a specialized anti-material weapon known as the “Holy Frakker” has been blessed by all of the gods and is kept in the National Cathedral of the Gods. The Holy Frakker’s true capabilities are not publicly known, but it is rumored to fire thermite projectiles.

Its official language is Hocklish.


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