The Peacemaker

The best paying (and most ridiculous) job of Patrick Connors' career.

weapon (ranged)

(It relies on the Shotgun skill because of some of its characteristics, including multiple projectiles, a lack of rifling, and the size and recoil.)

Damage: 1d-2 per projectile (each bullet counts as a separate shot for all purposes)
Accuracy: 2
Range: 100/1300
Weight: 7.5/.525
ST: 10 (+)
RoF: 1×3
Bulk: -5
Shots: 15 rounds, 5 trigger pulls (8i) (assuming you have the 15 rounds in hand)
Cost: $50,000
Rcl: 2
LC: 2, (but the Elspeths are above the law so)

(NOTE: This item is one of a kind)


The Peacemaker is based on a revolver, except with three barrels that fire together with one trigger pull. When viewed from the front, the barrels are circles contained within squares. Two of the barrels are on top, and at the point where their square housing meet, a third barrel is positioned exactly below, and centered. The barrels are about 1’3" each. The cylinder can fit 15 .357 magnum rounds; 5 around the middle and 10 around the outside. The cylinder rotates such that two outer rim bullets and one inner rim bullet are positioned at the barrels after every shot. The cocking lever pulls all three firing pins back to be ready to fire, and as such is difficult to pull. Because of the massive recoil the gun would have when fired as a pistol, it has a walnut stock and grip, positioned about 3/4 of the way down the barrel. The recoil value is high because in order to fire rapidly, the user must take his hand off the grip.
The gun was crafted by Patrick Connors of Frakkem over the course of a year, as a special commission by the Elspeth brothers. The gun is made mostly of steel, with silver plating and gold plate designs adorning the sides. It is called “the most expensive gun ever crafted” by most sources, and was designed to be frivolous, ludicrous, and ridiculous. Upon payment for this weapon, Patrick Connors would become the richest independent gunsmith in Frakkem, or maybe even the world.

The Peacemaker

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