Silver tongued bard who acts and sings to quiet the voices in her head


Please excuse the overly long bio; I got a bit carried away.

Points Used/Total: 130/133

Height: 5’ 7’’
Weight: 130 lbs
Size Modifier: 0
Age: 27
Appearance: Average. Lithe build, dark braided hair (0)
Wealth: Struggling (-10)

Basic Stats
ST: 9 (-10) HP: 9 (0)
DX: 10 (0) Will: 15 (10)
IQ: 13 (60) Per: 14 (5)
HT: 10 (0) FP: 10 (0)
Basic Lift: 16 Damage Thr: 1d-2 Sw: 1d-1
Basic Speed: 5 (0) Basic Move: 5 (0)

Polanski: Native (0)
Hocklish: Native (4)
Nankish: Spoken (Native) Written (Semi-Literate) (3)
Barokovic: Spoken (Native) Written (Semi-Literate) (3)

Advantages and Perks
Charisma (Level 2) (10)
Eidetic Memory (5)
Language Talent (10)
Rapier Wit (5)
Signature Gear (Lyre) (1)
Voice (10)
Penetrating Voice (1)
Fine Movement (Can move unrestricted in familiar fine clothes/costumes) (1)

Disadvantages and Quirks
Chummy (-5)
Delusion (Phantom Voice comes from an angry spirit) (-5)
Nightmares (-5)
Phantom Voice (Disturbing) (-10)
Believes in Ghosts (-1)
Refers to Phantom Voice by Name (Theodore) (-1)
Talks to Self (or Theodore) When Alone (-1)

Body Language, lv. 13: Per-1 (1)
Carousing, lv 12: HT+2 (4)
Diplomacy*, lv 16: IQ+1 (8)
-Persuade, lv 14: Will-1 (2)
-Suggest, lv 14: Will-1 (2)
Fast Talk*, lv 16: IQ+1 (4)
First Aid, lv 13: IQ (1)
Guns (Pistol), lv 11: DX+1 (2)
Holdout, lv 12: IQ-1 (1)
Knife, lv 10: DX (1)
Makeup, lv 14: IQ+1 (2)
Mimicry* (Speech), lv 14: IQ-1 (2)
Musical Instrument (Lyre), lv 14: IQ+1 (8)
Public Speaking*^, lv 19: IQ+2 (8)
Savior-Faire (High Society), lv 13: IQ (1)
Singing*, lv 13: HT+1 (2)
Survival, lv 13: Per-1 (1)

Important Defaults
Acting, lv 14: Public Speaking-5 (0)
Disguise, lv 12: Makeup-2 (0)
Performance, lv 17: Public Speaking-2 (0)

*=+2 due to Voice ^=+2 due to Charisma (Level 2)

Equipment (Money: $870/$1000)
Derringer, .41 ($100)
5 Derringer Rounds ($10)
Small Knife ($20)
Backpack, Small ($60)
Instrument (Lyre) ($200)
Personal Basics (Survival) ($5)
Makeup ($40)
Holster, Belt ($25)
Bandages ($10)
Formal Wear ($400)
Owl-Like Statue (Acquired)


Like most Polanskians, Rebecca was always quick with her speech. She had a talent with speaking and a passion for the art of persuasion, so, when she was old enough, Rebecca enrolled at the Polanskian University of Oration, where she could hone her skills.

Originally, Rebecca wanted to be a diplomat, like her mother before her. She had interests in music, acting, and languages, so she took some classes in those subjects, but she knew that she wanted to become a certified diplomat and bring respect and reputation to both herself and her country.

However, she had one main problem: Theodore. Ever since she could remember, Rebecca could hear a voice in her head. She insisted to her parents that he was a spirit (because what other reason could she hear a voice that no one else could?), but they didn’t believe her. They simply thought that it was simply a phase, and this “imaginary friend” would disappear with time.

He never did. Rebecca simply learned to live with Theodore, and tried to keep his existence a secret. She would try to be around people as much as possible, as Theodore seemed to quiet down around them, but occasionally he would get too loud and violent for her to ignore. When that would happen, she would have to go off somewhere, alone, and try to calm him down. If her friends at the University noticed her strange behavior, they never commented on it.

Eventually, the day of Rebecca’s final exam came. For prospective diplomats, the final exam consisted of a real-world dispute. Two people would be brought in who had a disagreement, and the student would have to sort out their problem peacefully. If the student could do this in an efficient manner, then they would be presented with both a diploma and the ability to apply for an official diplomatic license.

At first, Rebecca’s exam went well. Her clients were brought in, practically snapping at each other’s heels, and within the hour they were conversing peacefully. It looked like everything would work out.

Then, for some reason, Theodore got cranky. Rebecca had no idea what set him off, but soon he was screaming inside her head. She tried her best to continue with the examination, but eventually, to preserve her sanity, she ran out of the room to find a place to calm Theodore down.

Her clients did not take this very well. They assumed that she had run out because she had deemed them not worth her time and became deeply offended. The head faculty of the university tried to calm them down, but the clients soon stormed out, screaming how they would never work with Polanskia again.

Rebecca, for both making a mockery of the examination and losing two clients for Polanskia, was both denied her diploma and thrown out of the university. Disgraced and thrown out of her family, Rebecca left Polanskia and made way for Hockliss. She became a bard to survive, using the skills she had learned at the university, but never made much money. To make matters worse, without a constant group of people to be around, it became harder and harder to shut Theodore out. So she would wander from village to village, play and sing for money, and mutter madly to herself, all while still holding tight her dream to become a diplomat.

Then, one day, Rebecca heard about the party hosted by the Elspeth Brothers. She did not care about it much at first, but then she discovered that the Ambassador, Polanskia’s overseer of foreign affairs, would be there. He held immense power on Polanskia, and, Rebecca reasoned, if she could convince him of her worth as a diplomat, she could surely become certified.

Of course, convincing the Ambassador of anything is essentially an impossible task. But with nothing to lose, she now travels to the party with an invitation she conned off of a noblewoman. It may be useless to hope, but this could be the last chance for Rebecca to achieve her dream.

TL;DR: Rebecca wanted to be a diplomat, was denied that because of a mishap due to Theodore (Phantom Voices). She traveled around a bit as a bard, and now is going to the party to ask the Ambassador to allow her to become a diplomat


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