Patrick Connors

Gunmaker. Gun wielder. Patrick was invited to the Elspeth's party to deliver his finest work yet: The Peacemaker.


Points (130/130)

ST: 9 (-10)
DX: 14 (80)
IQ: 10 (0)
HT: 9 (-10)

HP: 12 (6)
Will: 10 (0)
Per: 10 (0)
FP: 9 (0)

Basic Speed: 5.5
Basic Move: 5
Basic Lift: 13
DMG: 1d-2/1d-1

Build: 5’11", 140 lbs
Appearance: Red hair, gruff beard, white skin, green eyes.
Age: 34
Culture: Frakkem
Religion: Marcus the Gunbringer
TL: 6

English (Native)

Advantages and perks:
High Manual Dexterity: 2 (10)
Talent: Artificer 1 (10)
Gunslinger (25)

Paranoia (-10)
Gluttony (-5)

Armoury (Small Arms): 15+1[artificer 1] (IQ+5) (20)
Climbing: 14 (DX)(2)
Fast Draw: 14+2[Manual dexterity 2] (0)
Guns (Pistol): 16 (DX+2) (4)
Guns (Shotgun): 16 (DX+2) (4)
Religious Ritual: 12 (IQ) (4)

Weapons at campaign opening:
.357 Revolver
Short barrel Lever Action shotgun (concealed)
The Peacemaker

60 .357 rounds
25 12ga rounds


Patrick Connors was born in Frakkem, in a family of gunmakers. They taught him their family craft of the production of firearms. They have a specific method in their family, part of which is a religious ritual to appeal to their deity: Marcus the Gunbringer. They ask Marcus for His blessing upon the weapon, and sacrifice bullets to Him in return. Patrick is known as an outstanding gunsmith in Frakkem, and his fame eventually reached the ears of the Elspeth brothers. The Elspeths, being the rich and bored people they are, commissioned him to make a gun. A gun like none other. The only thing they specified was that it be ornate and one-of-a-kind. They paid for his expenses, and asked that he have it completed and in their hands by the time of the party.
Patrick is a little paranoid that others seek to steal his ideas and his plans, and so he doesn’t trust anyone who he thinks is trying to steal from him. Stemming from his paranoia is a paranoia others will eat all the food before he gets any, so he eats whatever and whenever he can.
His goal for the party is to get some food, deliver the gun, get paid, and leave without having to fight. He brought a revolver to the party per Marcusian custom, but his paranoia also spurred him to bring a small (1 foot long) lever action shotgun under his coat.

Patrick Connors

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