Abbaye "Abe" Bethmale

A somewhat antisocial (but moderately sane) archeologist and expert on the Boakin.


Points (130/130)

Basic Stats:
ST: 11 (10)
DX: 10 (
IQ: 13 (60)
HT: 11 (

HP: 11 (0)
Will: 12 (-5)
Per: 13 (
FP: 11 (+0)

Wealth: Average (+0)

Hocklish: Native (0)
Nankish: Broken Spoken (1)
Boakin: Semi-Literate Written (

Absolute Direction (5)
Acute Vision 1 (
Cultural Adaptability (10)
Intuition (
Night Vision 1 (1)
Physically Fit (
Unfazeable (+15)


Loner (-5)
Workaholic (-5)
Xenophilia (-1)

Imcompetence (social situations) (-1)
Obsession (Boakin) (-1)
Uncongenial (-1)

Anthropology: lv. 11 (1)
Archaeology: lv. 11 (
Astronomy: lv. 11 (1)
Brawling: lv. 10 (
Cryptography: lv. 11 (1)
Geography: lv. 11 (
Hidden Lore (Boakin myths and rumors): lv. 12 (1)
History: lv. 11 (
Linguistics: lv. 11 (1)
Literature lv. 11 (
Observation: lv. 13 (1)
Occultism: lv. 12 (
Research: lv. 12 (1)
Theology: lv. 11 (

Blackjack/Sap: $20
Binoculars: $400, 2 lbs
Cigarette Lighter: $10
3’ Crowbar: $20, 3 lbs
Heavy Flashlight: $20, 1 lbs, 5 hours of battery
Light Cloak: $20, 2 lbs, DX-5, Net-4, Shield-5


Abbaye “Abe” Bethmale was born in Haoki, a small town in midwestern Hockliss. He was destined for a life of farming until he met renowned university professor Malac Rathgore at age 15. Rathgore was investigating traces of ancient civilizations in the surrounding hills, and Abe offered his knowledge of the area. Impressed with the boy’s inquisitive mind and eye for detail, Rathgore arranged for Abe to be educated in the city, and to eventually attend Cairnsmore University. Abe repaid his mentor by following in his footsteps as an archeologist.
“Iron Abe” (as his staff call him, allegedly for his tireless endurance) has never been much for the academic side of archeology, preferring field work. He has led digs in half a dozen countries, studying many different cultures, but especially following the trail of the mysterious Boakin. Abe’s adventures have ranged from uncovering the ancient ruins of Caboc in the middle of monsoon season to helping to evacuate the exhibits of the National Museum in Bouyssou during the country’s brutal civil war, reportedly holding off twelve soldiers intent on looting the museum with a fireplace poker, a paper lantern and a bottle of gin.
In recent years, following the death of Prof. Rathgore, Abe found himself being beaten out for funding by his rival, Sahkin Arakoa, a better-connected and more academic scholar from the Nankim gentry. Though Abe acknowledges the importance of academic work and especially historical documents, he believes that the excavation of ancient sites and the acquisition of artifacts to be critical to the study of the cultures that made them. Not a fan of “armchair archeology,” Abe not only leads his digs personally, but digs longer and harder than anyone else. He can be a hard taskmaster, but his rural background and willingness to get down and dirty have earned him the respect, loyalty and admiration of his crew.
Abe is currently at the Elspeths’ mansion in an attempt to use his tales of adventure to drum up funds from the guests in order to continue to compete with Sahkin’s resources and uncover the mysteries of the Boakin. He especially hopes that Gerard Elspeth will be sympathetic with his quest for knowledge. Of course, Sahkin Arakoa is here as well…

Sahkin Arakoa
Sahkin Garyoaka
Garen Okara
Garyn Oakara

Abbaye "Abe" Bethmale

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